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Connected Health


While at Tellart, I was involved with and helped lead a multi-year engagement with the Humana Innovation Center to design and prototype over a dozen interactive health experiences, ranging from online games driven by pedometer data, to telepresently connected devices for remote emotional connection, to web-connected sensors embedded in clothing, mobile devices, toys, exercise equipment, home and office accessories and appliances, and even buildings themselves.. As a body of work, these prototypes represent a variety of ways that ubiquitous computing technologies can be used to address all manner of health and wellness problems.

Hydration Challenge started as a physical prototype using a station with an embedded RFID reader and a scale ensemble to measure water consumption by test users with RFID tagged water bottles. We then took it one step further and began to test water sensors on bottles themselves. We produced this video to illustrate the concept.

Health Fishtank is a social health gaming experience that centers around a large display which acts as a platform for social health gaming. Each test user has a fish avatar in the tank which they can customize in shape, color and pattern. Players wear wireless pedometers that sync with the web whenever they are near the display to upload their step count. The players drive the swimming activity of their respective avatar fish with their pedometer step activity. Players with higher daily step counts swim higher in the tank, and schools of fish are formed by people with similar step totals. A web interface can be used at home to monitor your performance, or to click on other fish to see who they are and track their progress.

Frame of Reverence is a prototype digital photo device that serves as a subtle reminder for family members to stay in touch with elderly relatives. The frame depicts the photograph of a family member, which slowly fades if a long time has passed since a phone conversation has taken place with them.

Health Swap is a mobile application that helps users find healthier options for products in real time. Users take a picture of the product’s barcode with the application, and the app locates healthier alternatives for it online, along with where to find the new items. The application is tailored to users’ individual health profiles, including data about allergies, medical history, prescriptions, etc.

Grand to Grand is a set of electronically enhanced stuffed bears that enable subtle emotional communication and telepresence between distant family members.